I hate Itunes

Yes, I do. My problem is that it uses a different paradigm, and I do not have control on what it does. I understand it is meant for making life simple for people: you add stuff to Itunes (either importing your own files or buying from on-line stores) and then it manages it. You can bring it to your i-{pod,phone}. That’s it. You want to make a back-up? you want to have multiple machines? Well, then it starts not being so easy. The reason is that THEY (Apple and the media vendors) do not want you to control the stuff you own – for a good reason. They do not want you to make illegal copies. If you had control on those bytes that contain that wonderful music you bought from the on-line store, than you could share it with friends (and yes, that would be illegal).

But you are also forbidden to do pretty legal things, like managing your stuff and making backup copies.I want to be able to decide what to keep into Itunes and what to backup on a DVD, but Itunes does not allow doing that.

Luckily enough there are pieces of software (for MacOsX – of course also for Win and Linux but here I focus on Mac) that give you back control on the stuff you own. One is Senuti. Elegant, powerful, but for me it tries to do too much. Another one is Podworks. This last one is simple and is reasonably priced, so It was my choice. By using it you can take your stuff ot of the Itunes cage, and see it as F*I*L*E*S ! You can then backup them, move them to your other machine, import them back into Itunes (you use the Itunes command to to that).

With those files you do what you please, and what you feel is morally correct. It’s your judgement, it’s your freedom, it’s your responsibility. Please Apple, do not treat us as if we were all kids, or thieves.

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