Red5: an open source streaming server that supports Flash

last modified: Dec 16, 2009

Red5 is a free, open source Flash server that supports streaming and recording audio/video, live stream publishing and Flash remoting.

There is a wiki for documenting it. It’s not very rich (it lacks an installation section for the Mac, that’s why I decided to keep my notes here – when’I’ll be more confident that my experience is solid I’ll contribute to the wiki). So for now here is a report of my (yet very limited) experience.

On a Mac, go to the download page and choose setup-red5-0.8.0.dmg (0.8 is the stable version as of now). Download it, open the dmg and copy Red5 in your Applications folder.

To start it, double click on its icon like for any other application. I tried it on Mac OsX 10.5.8 and it worked immediately. On 10.4 instead it complained because it did not have the right java version (at least the 1.6 is needed). It runs in the background – you do not have a menu for controlling it, but its icon shows in the doc once it starts.

To check that everything is ok, open a browser on http://localhost:5080/ and watch the video with instructions.

To stop it there is a quick and dirty way: right click on the icon in the dock and select “Force quit”. A more graceful way should be possible, as there is a file called in its package (in Contents/Resources/Java) but I was not able (yet) to run it (I only spent 5 minutes on this issue though).

If you want to change port, right click on Red5 and choose “Show package content”. Open Contents/Resources/Java/conf/ with a text editor. Change the line http.port=5080 wih the port value of your choice.

To start serving streams, install the loadtest demo (the same way you installed the two demos documented in the video during the check phase). This will create in your Contents/Resources/Java/webapps a loadtest directory. Drop your flv file (let’s say it’s called X.flv) into loadtest/streams. At this point you can access your file, e.g. from VLC (at least version 1.0, as the older versions seem not to support rtmp:) by choosing FIle-Open Network… and giving the URL rtmp://localhost/loadtest/X.flv. Il that works, try from another machine (first on your local network, then outside of it to make sure you do not have firewall problems). Obviously you must replace “localhost” with the suitable name.

Actually, even without installing the loadtest demo one could directly use the streams directory of the oflaDemo described in the video, using rtmp://localhost/oflaDemo/X.flv.

Useful resources: – in italian.

Next steps:

  1. the flv is not navigable from inside VLC, I have to try from the flash viewer.
  2. I’d like to use tomcat for serving it – my first attempts to use the war were not successful
  3. I have to check the administration module
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