postfix problems in log file

My mac is doing something weird. The Time machine continues to back up stuff even when there seems to have been very little activity on the machine (it acts as server on 10.5,  it has a lot of reading accesses to get learning material, videos etc.). Recently I was in vacation an it backed up 20 gigs… something’s fishy.

During the investigation process  I found a lot of errors like:

8/27/12 9:12:11 AM[1] (org.postfix.master[46254]) Stray process with PGID equal to this dead job: PID 46268 PPID 1 smtp


8/27/12 9:15:37 AM postfix/qmgr[46604] warning: qmgr_move: update active/0208F5C4EE4 time stamps: No such file or directory

I googled around and I found these two hints:

which suggested modifying org.postfix.master.plist org.postfix

and this

which mentions using postsuper.

Anyway, I do have troubles with Postfix…. It must have been installed in order to enable sending mail from the php-enabled web servers, but now it gives me headache. So I’ll try to disable it.

They were’nt very helpful, but I’ll keep theme here for future reference anyway.

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