Conditional row formatting in an Excel sheet

I needed to color an Excel spreadsheet, so that lines which had a number in E column were yellow and those with a number in D column were red. (No row had a number in both E and D).

I played a bit with conditional formatting with no luck, then I decided to resort to my friend google and found this on asap utilities.

Actually my version of Excel (Excel for Mac 2011) has a different interface, but the hint I found was easily adaptable. So I had to choose

Format=>Conditional Formatting

And in the dialog boxes:

Add Rule:

  • Style=Classic
  • Use a formula to determine which cell to format
  • =INDIRECT(“D”&ROW())>0
  • Format with — choose one —

Formula applies to: sheet!$1$:$1048576 (Whole sheet)

Then I added a new rule, changing “D” with “E”, and it was done.

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