Interesting hidden apps in Mac OS-X

Well, we know that the Mac has a lot of hidden tricks and goodies. I just accidentally discovered that it has a some hidden interesting apps. They are in


One is “Network Utility”, a GUI front-end to some network commands, which can be launched from  Wireless Diagnosis as we reported in the previous note – but now that we know where it is we can dock it.

Another one is great: “Screen Sharing” allows you to take over another mac, and interact remotely with it. It seems to be much more responsive than  VNC!

The other ones are less impressive to me, but maybe I did not yet explore them deeply enough. They are:

  • Archive – the app to compress/uncompress files callable from the Finder “File” menu
  • Directory – an app to interact with directory services, such as LDAP
  • Feedback – to give feeback on beta Apple beta software
  • RAID – to manage RAID devices
  • System Image – an app to remotely install Mac-Os on other Macs on the local network
  • Wireless – the well-known app which can be launched in case of network troubles


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