Mirroring an ipad on a mac

Just bought a new iPad Pro with its fantastic (but really expensive) pencil.

The best jotting tool I found is Notability. The next step is to be able to project what’s being written on the ipad on a projector. Of course there is a (again, really expensive) adapter to VGA or HDMI. However, there are other solutions.

1 – wired

connect the USB cable to the mac, start QuickTime on the mac, choose “record a video” and near to the record button choose as source the iPad. Put it on full screen: perfect, although on a leash!

2 – wireless

There is a software solution: install AirServer on the mac (free one week trial, then an inexpansive licence) and AirServer Connect on the iPad (free). Start AirServer on the mac and AirServer Connect on the ipad, follow the easy two-step instructions there – there you go. Impressive speed, excellent performance… as long as the network has bandwith. In a 10 minutes test, it worked perfectly until something on the net went (probably) wrong. Restarting it was far from quick. So, I’m afraid I cannot trust the wireless solution. What a pity!

A second software solution: install Reflector2 on the mac, and connect to it from the iPad (swipe up from bottom, in the Airport section at the bottom chose your mac). Again, it is a 7 days trial (with a watermark, licence more expensive than AirServer but still less than 20 €). Works well, I was not able to get it in trouble on the same network and in the same conditions I had for AirServer). The only shortcoming: it is not possible to scale the iPad in full screen.

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