Why this Blog
I use computers since ever. And I teach programming (mostly in Java, for the web and more). I decided to keep this blog to keep track of many small things that make life easier and better when working (and programming) on a Mac. My neurons do not catch up any more – often I face again problems that I solved long ago (e.g. how can I recover a lost admin password? or, how can I change a particular setting in Mediawiki?), I know I can find again the solution by googling around as I did the first time, but it is so much easier if I keep note of these things… And obviously, the ubiquitous web is the right place to keep those notes… So this is why this blog exixts.

In the past I’ve been occasionally blogging on Google’s Blogger for about two years – occasionally taking notes for myself. Then I started playing with WordPress – and I liked it a lot better!

So I decided to move the old content into a set of new blogs – this is the first one, others will probably follow.

Why on Mac

I’ve been a Mac user since 1986 (!) whan I had a diskless Mac Plus. After about ten year I moved to Windows: Macs had become terribly slow machines… I tried to pass to the NeXT, but id died too young… After a few years suffering through various incarnations of Win, and after attemping to leave Win for Linux, I switched back to the NeXT Macintosh, i.e. to System X.

And now I’m happy!


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