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Mirroring an ipad on a mac

Just bought a new iPad Pro with its fantastic (but really expensive) pencil. The best jotting tool I found is Notability. The next step is to be able to project what’s being written on the ipad on a projector. Of

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Interesting hidden apps in Mac OS-X

Well, we know that the Mac has a lot of hidden tricks and goodies. I just accidentally discovered that it has a some hidden interesting apps. They are in /System/Library/CoreServices/Applications One is “Network Utility”, a GUI¬†front-end to some network commands,

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Quickly getting more info on your wireless connection in OS-X

If you option-click the Wireless icon on the menu bar, you get a lot of interesting info, such as your IP, router IP, reachability of Internet, channel, security type, signal strength and more. From there, you can also start the

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Accessing Resources from java, and in particular from a jar

Using a resources bundle is a way to externalize code dependencies from text, images or other type of resources. As far as I know, it was pioneered by the Mac OS design, back in 1984. It allows changing elements in

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meld: comparing files and directories

I was looking for a tool to compare the source files of two java projecs (actually, two versions of the same project) to find out the differences. I read about meld, which looked promising. It’s an open source tool which

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Conditional row formatting in an Excel sheet

I needed to color an Excel spreadsheet, so that lines which had a number in E column were yellow and those with a number in D column were red. (No row had a number in both E and D). I

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