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Sharing a Windows 7 PC disk with the Mac using a “home network”

On the Win-7: Click on the network icon on the rhs of the lower bar, and choose “Open Network and Sharing Center” make sure your network is of type “domestic network” (if not, you can change it) click on Modify

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Win XP Service Pack 3 and Bootcamp

Yes, installing SP3 on XP on Bootcamp messes the XP installation in a horrible way! At a certain point, the update fails writing a file on disk, the SP3 installation does not complete and XP is not able to boot

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Reading and Writing NTFS (and Ext3) disks from MacOsX

Mac OS X should be able to natively  read (but not to write) NTFS disks. However, when I plugged in a USB disk formatted in NTFS, there was no way to view it from my Macbook running Snow Leopard. By

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